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Briquette Machine Manufacturing and suppliers in India
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Radhe Industrial Corporation - India
World Wide leader in Manufacturing, Suppliers and Exporters of Briquette Machine.
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BRIQUETTE MACHINE Manufacturers India

Biomass Briquette Machine produced by RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is designed to press any agro based waste material into high density fuel blocks that solve the problem of fuel availability and environmental pollution at one go. The Briquette machine is equipped with latest technology that works at high efficiency, consumes low power, easily operable requiring less labour force to maneuver and has superb structural design.

The special feature of Briquette machine manufactured by RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is it is equipped with electric heating device which helps is adjusting the temperature of material thus solving issues like material blocking and poor modeling problems.

Another specialty of Briquette machine produced by RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is the machine is fully automated consisting of feeding hopper, screw feeder, stirred conditioner, pellet pressing device, electric motor and reduction, drive etc. these parts imparts high efficiency and working efficacy to the Briquette machine. After preprocessing, the raw materials are stirred, mixed and tempered in the bin. The screw feeders put the processed material automatically in the pellet pressing unit which rewinds and distribute the material uniformly and roll into compact and cylindrical fuel mass.

RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Briquette Machine can also produce column biomass briquettes that are easy to store and transport over long distances.OurBriquetting machine presents an excellent briquetting solution as it helps an industrialist make full use of biomass residual waste which would otherwise has no value. It provides both small scale and big scale industries with alternate fuel thus replacing the need of costly coal or charcoal or wood used in functioning of industries.

Briquette Machine

Biomass briquettes are made through the Briquette machine. The biomass briquettes are simply the source of energy which can be used instead of other fuels such as Coal and other sources. Biomass briquettes are made of agro waste and spread no pollution; in fact they are more beneficial than the traditional sources. Mostly in industry where, large amount of heat is needed, such briquettes are used.
The briquette machines are the actual tools which makes the briquettes. These briquette machines prepare larger amounts of briquettes. The briquettes can be made through any of these items: Agricultural Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Groundnuts Shells or any other waste which contain high Nitrogen inside it. After collecting all such waste, the briquette machine press all these items and then prepare briquettes. These briquettes can be of round shape or also can be in shape of brick.
Such briquettes are used mainly by the bigger plants, when there is a need of constant heat for longer period of time. The briquettes provide more heat and also it goes on burning for more time. So that there is no needs to change them like coal and other fuels. There are many industries where such briquettes are used in order to helping nature to be less polluted.
By using briquettes, one can get more of heat as compared to other fuels. The most important thing about the briquettes is that, they do not spread any kind of pollution. As they are made of natural wastes, there is no compound in them which can pollute the atmosphere. People are trying to use these briquettes on larger basis so that environment gets balanced. Moreover, people who go on using the briquette need such briquette machines to produce briquettes in larger amounts. And these days, more of such machines are being sold as well as used by the industries.

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