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Briquette Machine Radhe Industrial Corporation - India
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BRIQUETTE MACHINE Manufacturers India

Imagine the world without the industries! It would become difficult to run our daily lives without the products and facilities which one gets from the industries. But we hardly consider about the fact that it will become more tough for the industries to run without using the coal and petroleum. The present scenario has a great threat to industries as coal and petroleum are on verge of diminishing. During such time, it becomes evitable to quickly get over some substitute to these rare and expensive products. The wise idea of getting best out of the waste, i.e., making ‘biomass fuel’ out of the agro-forestry waste, baggage, ground nut shell, municipal wastage, husk, jute wastage, etc has started being utilized in India.

These solid cylindrical elements are called ‘briquette’ or ‘biomass briquette’ which are made out of the heaps of wastage which gets accumulated in our country everyday and is thrown away. This process done by Biomass briquetting machine makes the poor farmer earn a nice amount of revenue by selling agro waste of every crop. The recycling of this waste materials not only gives the cheap and quick substitute to coal and petroleum, but is also eco-friendly and helps in reducing the global warming caused to do the pollution. High boiler efficiency is obtained due to high density and low moisture in wastages by briquette press machine. This briquette does not require any kind of binders into its formation process as they are the monolithic cylindrical units.

Radhe Industrial Corporation is today’s leading company with its dedicated services and consistency of the quality production since 1991. Thebriquette machines manufactured at RICO are of high quality, durability and are corrosion resistant and are also supplied to UK and USA. Briquetting press machine and plants are our fortes which are available always at the economic and affordable prices. Our company feels obliged for keeping its customers satisfied with quality services, replacement of worn out parts of briquetting machine which will run for long and stay productive.

Our company does not turn its back to your face by selling you the briquette machine. We send our highly expertise and trained staff for installation and maintenance operations. Plant audit services produced by radhe group can help you access the quality and operational changes required in the biomass briquette press machine for long life and working efficiency. Take to your notice that our flowing company also fulfills the requirement of customized briquette press and other briquetting plant. We produce both gigantic and small briquetting press machine for small scale and large scale milling operations.

Another specialty of Briquette plant produced by RICO is the machine is fully automated consisting of feeding hopper, screw feeder, stirred conditioner, pellet pressing device, electric motor and reduction, drive etc. these parts imparts high efficiency and working efficacy to the Briquette machine. The briquette machines are the actual tools which makes the briquettes. After preprocessing, the raw materials are stirred, mixed and tempered in the bin. The screw feeders put the processed material automatically in the pellet pressing unit which rewinds and distribute the material uniformly and roll into compact and cylindrical fuel mass.


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